Parlor Coffee

From backroom barista to world-renowned roaster, our friends at Parlor Coffee have come a long way and we’re proud to have been by their side.

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We first met Parlor Coffee co-founder Dillon Edwards when he was a young barista at the East Coast’s first Blue Bottle, which happened to be around the corner from our studio. We were taken by his boyish charm, but didn't necessarily take him seriously when he spoke of his aspirations to open his own roastery. Then he went ahead and did it.

What began as a postage stamp-sized espresso bar in the back room of a hipster barber shop has, a decade later, blossomed into a sought-after name in the world of specialty coffee, supplying fine cafes and retail shops around the globe. Over the years, we've done our best to translate their unique perspective on coffee and painstaking dedication to their craft to everything from boxes to brick walls to the world wide web. We’re so proud of them and privileged to have been a little part of their journey.

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Bringing the Brand to Life

Parlor has high standards for everything that bears their name. From website and social media to business and gift cards, we aim to instill it all with a sense of elevated simplicity.


A publication aimed at educating their consumers about the community behind their coffee, Parchment gets up close and personal with their partners from Colombia to Kenya. It’s newsprint pages tell the stories behind the coffee and why the people of Parlor are what makes it so special.

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