Marz Brewing

Who would have guessed a community-driven art project would become an award-winning brewery with a cult following?

  • Brand Identity,
  • Packaging,
  • Environmental

Founded in 2013, Marz is a Chicago-based brewery founded by a collective of art misfits and closet beer nerds. They roll out an average of 10 bizarrely unique, yet highly delicious, small batch brews per month with names like What the Pho? (inspired by the soup) and Nasal Cavity (made with fresh wasabi).

In it from the beginning, we developed a brand that would accommodate this eclecticism and elevate bottles and cans to works of art. Cohesive yet highly flexible, the identity system allows for various designers, illustrators, painters and other creatives to contribute. With a recently opened taproom and growing national distribution, Marz is being taken seriously despite all its efforts to the contrary.

  • Creative Director Michael Freimuth
  • Illustration: Tess Havas, Louie Capozzoli and Friends
  • Photography Kendall Mills
  • Digital: Eric Jacobsen
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