Six years and seven brands later, we’re still cooking with our friends from Catalogue.

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After exiting the successful fast casual restaurant chain he co-founded (&pizza), Washington D.C.-based entrepreneur Steve Salis set out to build an empire of hospitality brands offering exceptional experiences at accessible prices. Our relationship began with a rebrand of Kramers, the iconic indie bookstore slash café, and has grown to a total of seven brands (and counting). From barbeque (Federalist Pig) to bakery (Sidekick), fried chicken (Honeymoon) to classic comfort food (Ted’s Bulletin), we’ve developed dynamic modern brands that aim to pack as much flavor as their cuisine. Designed for growth, these brands are part of a system that can easily scale as new concepts, locations, products, and more are introduced.

The culmination of our efforts came in the creation of the Catalogue parent brand, a public-facing holding company meant to inspire a new kind of customer loyalty. Neutral yet sophisticated, the brand provides a perfect backdrop to showcase its collection of companies. Visit to see how it all comes together.

Federalist Pig Barbeque

The winner of three Michelin Bib Gourmand Awards, Federalist Pig takes barbeque tradition to transcendent new levels.

Honeymoon Fried Chicken

The perfect blend of fancy and funky, Honeymoon is about as upscale as something served in a bucket can get.

Sidekick Bakery

Equal parts sweet and savory, Sidekick puts a modern spin on classic bakery fare and turns the volume way up.

Kramers Books

Founded in 1976 and freshened up in 2020, D.C.'s iconic indie bookstore was a bookstore slash café before that became a thing.

Ted’s Bulletin

From family breakfast to power lunch to date night dinner, Ted's Bulletin puts a classy spin on classic comfort food for all.

Ensemble Kitchen

An innovative culinary concept straight from the future, Ensemble brings Catalogue's most popular meals under one convenient digital roof.