Typeforce 5 x Franklyn


‘Nice guys finish last, but don’t care about that shit.’ So true.

We were thrilled to contribute some experimental typography for our lovely midwestern cousins’ Typeforce 5. Organized by quite a few people (among them our heroes Firebelly Design) brought type designers, type enthusiasts, typographic all-starts (and us) to Chicago for the fifth annual type party.

Our triptych of posters shared a little Franklyn ethos with three big (large format) messages, plenty of color, and a touch of a legibility-challenging type. Designed by Elisa Maezono and Michael Freimuth.



Be kind unwind


Live like you’d like to live like you’d like to live…

Franklyn_Typeforce_Design_04 Franklyn_Typeforce_Design_05
More coming soon…