Rhine Hall x Franklyn


What began as a family tradition of mulching apples behind a stationary bike is now a burgeoning Chicago-based distillery.

The Solberg’s have a history of bending the rules – from Charlie Solberg’s time in Austria where he ‘discovered’ moonshine, to his daughter Jenny’s first ‘experiment’ mashing apples to kick-start the distilling process. Most recently, the family has formalized their habits via the Rhine Hall Distillery – a brand new, beautiful brandy and grappa distillery in Chicago’s industrial corridor.

We built these lovely people a visual identity with a custom typeface, packaging and icon system along with a few environmental applications for the family brand. Here’s a quick look behind the bar…


RhineHall_01RhineHall_02 RhineHall_05 RhineHall_09 RhineHall_06 RhineHall_03 RhineHall_08 RhineHall_07 RhineHall_04