Marz Brewing

Identity & Packaging

An especially crafty beer brewery in Chicago, Marz was built by a community of artists, home brewers, beer nerds and us.

This nanobrewery based in the Second City’s burgeoning Bridgeport neighborhood makes bizarrely unique, yet highly delicious, small batch brews in collaboration with local businesses, organizations and weirdos. Since the brand must accommodate an eclectic array of aesthetics, the identity system is highly flexible – allowing for various designers, illustrators, painters and other creatives to contribute. Now in its third year, Marz Brewing is winning high praise amongst serious beer snobs and is on tap in some of the Midwest’s most popular eateries.

Label designs below feature artwork by the entire Franklyn team, Adi Goodrich, Luke Pelletier, Paul Nudd, Jeremiah Chiu, Nick Adam and For Good Measure. More to come soon…