Grand Banks by Hand


Our hand-drawn identity for a floating oyster bar (slash restaurant slash museum).

Technically, Grand Banks is all of the above, but who’s counting? Founded by a shipwright, an ex-architect and a restauranteur – this Tribeca-based boat had an exceptionally good first summer.

We created the identity during a quick lead up to Grand Banks’ summer ‘launch’ – and happily, almost our entire team of supremely-talented designers got their hands on it. What began with our ladies Elisa Maezono and Lan Truong, was complimented by the hand-painterly Todd Wendorff.

Enjoy a brief, behind the mast look at our process – sketches, flags, a life ring and hand-drawn lettering, of course.


Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_07Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_08Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_05 Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_06 Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_09 Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_10 Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_04Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_03Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_02 Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_16Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_20Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_15 Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_17 Franklyn_GrandBanks_Design_18