Image of the Studio


We partied with the Image of the Studio gang, in our onesies.

Franklyn was bowled over with excitement to participate in the Image of the Studio Exhibition this Fall, a portrait of New York design studios held at the Cooper Union via The Herb Lubalin Study Center. Organized and made possible by the Athletics, the exhibition featured a lovely list of NYC creative groups, big and small – all of whom shared a little background, a little love, and an original piece of artwork.

We couldn’t help ourselves, so created a custom shelving unit replete with every piece of Franklyn swag we could think of. From our now classic (and handsomeifying) combs to a set of custom poop-shaped air fresheners and onesied bobblehead dolls of ours truly, we went all green everything.

For a little more on us, take a peek at the Franklyn identity.

Franklyn_Design_01 Franklyn_Design_02 Franklyn_Pick_Design_01Franklyn_Design_03Franklyn_Design_04Franklyn_Design_05