Our new logo, where it came from and what it means. We have a new betaworks brand identity. Exciting stuff.

The Brief 2013 was a big year for betaworks. We built some great products, invested in some wonderful companies and started to work with a handful of brands. Although we have not really changed since our inception in 2007 we started to emerge from the shadows a little more. Please note, their current brand identity is being updated by some highly talented folks, who are decidedly not us.


Here’s the new logo

Franklyn_Betaworks_Design_05 Franklyn_Betaworks_Design_06 Franklyn_Betaworks_Design_07
Franklyn_Betaworks_Design_02 Franklyn_Betaworks_Design_03

The Analytical Engine

We decided it was time to give our brand a refresh. While somewhatmysterious our original logo is derived from Charles Babbage’s Analytical Engine. The Engine was the first fully-automatic calculating machine. Babbage first developed the idea of a machine to calculate and print mathematical tables in 1812. This machine was designed to evaluate any mathematical formula and have even higher powers of analysis than his original Difference Engine. Only part of the machine was completed before Babbage’s death in 1871.

by Michael